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Bulb Creation is a new media studio specializing in the production of digital content in the form of animation, video, and graphics for the event and creative industries. We create content for corporate gatherings, seminars, trade and exhibition spaces, as well as musical events. We implement new digital technologies into spatial solutions, design, and produce content for holograms, projections on holo-nets, and mapped projections, and craft business presentations for industrial and scientific meetings. Over more than 10 years, we have built a reliable reputation and established long-term relationships with clients.

We proudly highlight our experience in the production of international educational and scientific exhibitions which involve cooperation with various museums, scientific institutions, set designers, designers, producers, and other partners to ensure high quality of content and experience.

If you need high-quality and creative content in the fields of video and animation, Bulb Creation studio is the right place for you. Check out our portfolio and contact us!

Selected Works